7th Army Symphony

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Existing in Germany from 1952 to 1962, this orchestra is still remembered.   Clarinetist Jerry Mattson expresses it aptly: "I don't normally live in the past, but I have yet to come across anyone with a comparable experience to hark back to.  Those were strange and wonderful years."

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Photo: Jim Decker
LA Horn Club
LA Horn Club

Los Angeles Horn Club, 1951

The first meeting. Click on photo
for a list of the players

July 20, 2014:
The above photo is not directly connected to the 7th Army Symphony, but should be of interest to members. It includes some truly great players, many of whom are featured in a new documentary film titled Hollywood Horns of the Golden Years, recently shown in Los Angeles. It was put together by Annie Bosler, a freelance hornist in LA, and includes film clips of movies featuring the horns, and interviews with a number of players and with John Williams. This summary gives more details and includes a short trailer. The film is not yet publicly available, but if you get a chance to see it, don't miss it. Incidentally, one of the attendees at the most recent showing was Fred Fox (4th from left), the day after his 100th birthday!
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Books About the Orchestra or Orchestra Members:
Uncle Sam's Orchestra: Memories of the Seventh Army Symphony, by John Canarina (bass and conductor in 1959-60), 1998.  50 b/w illus., musical examples, 224 pages, 6 x 9, $65. Available via Print on Demand from Boydell & Brewer, 668 Mount Hope Avenue Rochester, NY 14620-2731, 585-275-0419. Former 7ASO members should be able to get a 25 per cent discount.
Kenneth Schermerhorn: He Will Always Be the Music, by Martha Rivers Ingram with D. B. Kellogg, 2006. 65 photos, 391 pages; $24.99. (Ken played trumpet and conducted in 1953-55). Available online from Amazon and other sellers.
Also of interest are several books that include stories about the orchestra, by David Amram, Michael Colgrass, and John Sant'Ambrogio.

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